Welcome Basket

When refugee families finally arrive at our shores, they have been through more traumatic events during their journey than most of us will experience in a lifetime. We want these families to feel welcomed and valued in their new home country, and a welcome basket is the perfect way to say, “We’re glad you’re here!” This gift can provide refugees with 
  • a basket full of nutritious food 
  • sets of school supplies for the children
  • new, appropriately sized clothing 
  • essential hygiene and homemaking necessities 
The Impact of Your Gift
In Denver, newly arrived refugee families are faced with a difficult decision: eat school lunches with ingredients that went against their beliefs or spend precious dollars to prepare their own lunch. Send Relief’s ministry center is providing culturally-relevant baskets of food to new refugee families. Each basket is sourced from an immigrant or refugee-owned business in the area, allowing the local community to flourish.