Shelter for Refugees

Most families who are fleeing war-torn countries or migrating from developing nations lose all their earthly possessions as a result. As they make the dangerous, tiring journey to their new homes, many refugees are left vulnerable and exposed to the elements. Upon arrival in a new city, they may find housing in small apartments, makeshift tent cities and other dangerous conditions. The gift of a shelter provides refugee families in need with
  • safety from thieves and crimes of opportunity
  • protection from risk of exposure and the elements
  • a place to call home as they await visas and citizenship
  • a sense of security amid their experiences of trauma and uncertainty 
The impact of your gift 
Den is four, and Dimi is two. These boys are among the millions of Ukrainian children who were forcibly displaced from their homes in the first months of the Russia-Ukraine war. Along with their parents, they fled their village before it was attacked. They brought few belongings They made it to an aid station at the border and lived in a Romanian church with hundreds of refugees. Send Relief equipped this church to purchase bedding, food, puzzles and toys for the children. The man who directed the family to the church told them, “I’m sorry for what is happening in Ukraine. We don’t know why it is happening. We would like to offer our love to you because Jesus loves you.”