School Uniform and Shoes

When families experiencing poverty explore education options for their children, a large barrier to services can be the cost of school uniforms and shoes that are required to attend class. By funding this gift, you will provide a child in need with
  • appropriately sized school uniforms for both classroom and P.E. use
  • properly fitting shoes 
  • the opportunity to attend the school best suited for them 
The Impact of Your Gift
In one Southeast Asian country, a group of young girls from a well-known slum in an impoverished neighborhood were not allowed to attend school because their parents could not pay for the uniforms or shoes. Unfortunately, the school was also unable to cover the costs, leaving these students with nowhere to go and little hope of an educational future. Because of your generosity, Send Relief was able to partner with a local sewing business and not only provide these girls with the uniforms and shoes they needed, but also support women in need who were establishing their tailoring business in the city!