School Supplies

Many children living in poverty carry great anxiety around starting a new school year. The shame of not knowing if they will have the proper clothes, supplies or lunch money can drastically impact their classroom experience. When you give a child in need the gift of school supplies, you are providing them with 
  • the peace of mind knowing they will be well-equipped to start classes
  • pencils, pens, notebooks and other classroom necessities
  • an opportunity to avoid the bullying that so often comes with experiencing poverty
The Impact of Your Gift
There’s an old saying in the hilltribes of Togo—“when the developed world sneezes, West Africans catch a cold.” In other words, the crises that impact powerful nations like the United States are that much worse for countries still developing their infrastructure and economies. The pandemic is a prime example of this. A partnering church in Togo was able to use funds that you provided to help Madelaine and Brooke, two young women who were orphaned in a terrible accident in which Brook lost an eye. Both sisters were forced to work as day-laborers in fields to pay for the ensuing medical bills and food, preventing them from attending school with their peers. Because of your generosity, Madelaine and Brooke are now free from their indentured servitude in the fields and regularly attending school, equipped with bags full of school supplies that you provided!