Pajamas & Stuffed Animal

Because of the emergency situations that children in the foster care system are often being extracted from, they frequently arrive at their temporary homes with little more than what they were able to carry out of their house in a hurry. With this gift, you have the opportunity to step into one of the scariest times of a child’s life and provide them with 
  • appropriately sized pajamas for their first night in a new home
  • the comfort of a stuffed animal
  • a moment of calm in the chaos 
  • the knowledge that someone is thinking of them and their needs
The Impact of Your Gift
When five children under the age of 10 were found abandoned in a Georgia hotel, our ministry center staff stepped into action. After experiencing unthinkable trauma, the siblings were exhausted by the time a social worker discovered their situation. A welcome basket with stuffed animals and clothing put a smile of their faces. Finally, in the safety of our ministry center, these siblings were able to be children again.