Job Skills Training

Many times, families experiencing poverty just need someone to take a chance on them. By providing hard workers with the vocational training they need to succeed in today’s workforce, you are empowering underserved parents around the world with 
  • the opportunity to consistently provide for their children 
  • the chance to restore dignity to their families 
  • the skillsets they need to survive and thrive in modern workplaces 
The Impact of Your Gift
Basu and his family had to boil grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they wanted any form of sustenance. Basu knew that it could only last them so long before their bodies began to break down from malnutrition. That’s when job skills training that you helped fund made it possible for him to provide his family with real food for the first time in months.
Today, Basu and his family are able to have consistent, nourishing meals because of this project. One Send Relief partner shared, “I don’t know how they would have survived without this help. God is good.” Basu is now a passionate evangelist and has translated a written version of the New Testament as well as created an audio version of the Old Testament into his native language—the first of its kind.