Food for a Child

Millions of children around the world go to bed hungry every night. With this gift, you can ensure that a child in need has 
  • hot, nutritious meals for a week
  • the comfort of knowing they are seen and loved during a difficult time
The Impact of Your Gift
A young couple in South Asia were prepared to do the unthinkable. After living on the brink of starvation for months, the parents decided their only option was to save their two small children from a slow and painful death by taking deadly poison together as a family. Meal deliveries that you helped to fund arrived just in time. 
After receiving this miraculously timed gift, Arun and Channary were both told the life-changing story of Jesus and prayed to accept Him as their Savior that day. Today, they are being discipled by local believers and are excited to share the gospel with their home village.