Food Box

Finding sustainable food sources is often one of the biggest challenges that refugee families on the run face as they travel to their new homes. The gift of a food box will provide a family of five with
  • enough healthy, nutritious meals to last one month
  • the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children’s bellies will be filled
The Impact of Your Gift
José is a successful college graduate who has to work for a full month in Venezuela, his home country, to be able to afford a single can of beans from the grocery store. The nation is in such a state of economic emergency that José trekked through three countries on foot just to seek out the possibility of a more hopeful future. 
Unable to afford the food, medicine and other essentials needed to survive, José was losing hope when a Send Relief partner gave him some emergency food boxes to last him through the month. This Send Relief partner was also able to share the story of Joseph, known in Spanish as José, during the time of intense famine in Egypt.
On his shelf in his one-room space, José still has portions of Send Relief’s emergency rations and is reminded with every meal of another José who was met by God in his hunger and need.