Fish can be a surprisingly helpful gift for people living under the poverty line. By donating 10 fish to a family in need, you will be providing them with 
  • the opportunity to start a small business in the form of a hatchery
  • increased crop production through aquaponics 
  • a reliable source of healthy meat
The Impact of Your Gift
The pandemic lockdowns impacted people across the world, rural communities notwithstanding. In one remote village of Malaysia, many families’ livelihoods were lost overnight in a COVID-fueled economic crash. Using your donations, Send Relief was able to gift this village with several shoals of fish. The villagers used some fish for immediate food relief, while saving the rest to breed in order to start an aquaponics unit to encourage crop growth and revitalize their fishing tourism industry. This gift allowed an entire community to hear the gospel for the first time and to survive the most difficult period of the nation’s lockdowns.