Fill the Farm

Access to farming tools and animals can drastically transform the life of a family. This generous gift offers agricultural families
  • one of each of the catalog’s farm animals plus tools
  • crucial animal husbandry training
  • the foundation for sustainable food sources and multiple small business opportunities
The Impact of Your Gift
Monica wakes up with the sun, harvesting and weeding her 26-acre farm from dusk until dawn. With five children to feed, she used to struggle with finding enough food. After losing a family member to a violent attack, Monica was getting desperate when generous donors like you made her current life possible by gifting her with the land and animals she needed to care for her family. 
Now, the upcoming harvest will ensure Monica can feed her children and pay for their school fees. She hopes profits from her onion crop—a rare find at the local market—will afford her children extra luxuries, perhaps new school uniforms or shoes for the walk to school.