Cows make field labor more efficient and provide an indispensable source of milk and meat to farming families in need all over the world. The gift of livestock will provide communities fighting food insecurity with
  • a reliable income 
  • a consistent source of nourishment through milk
  • an easier method for plowing fields
  • a sense of stability as they navigate the monsoon and drought seasons
The Impact of Your Gift
In Uganda, many farmers have been victims of bandits and raiding parties during the pandemic. Losing their cows overnight forces agricultural workers to harvest their fields by hand, often leading to the loss of most of their crops and their only source of income. The gift of a cow transformed these families’ lives during a time when they were facing mass starvation.
“Our people were desperate, confused and afraid for their futures,” said a local Send Relief partner. “Some were resorting to drinking, fighting and stealing because no plowing meant nothing was growing. Our people have food today because of the livestock and our work. Families were finally able to harvest their beans, corn and Sorghum to feed their children over the next year. Praise the Lord—through Send Relief, we were able to stop a famine from happening in our area!”