Backpack ministries are extremely effective in getting crucial equipment to those who need it most. By gifting a survivor with a backpack, you will provide them with 
  • a set of clean clothes
  • a hygiene kit and other necessities
  • a Bible 
  • the hope of a fresh start

The Impact of Your Gift 
After 16-year-old Tammy was lured to New Orleans by a trafficker, she realized she needed help. Tammy happened to stumble across the New Orleans Ministry Center doorstep, looking for a bathroom. She was circling death but was given something to eat and some serious advice. Send Relief partners sat with her while she napped because she had been afraid to sleep alone. They arranged for a safe way to get her out of danger.
Tammy journeyed home to safety with a backpack full of donated toiletry items, snack packs and Bibles given by donors like you.