After School Tutoring

For children living in underserved or impoverished neighborhoods, access to high quality education can be difficult to obtain. By providing a child in need with the resources to attend after-school tutoring, you are gifting them with
  • the knowledge they need to confidently enter a new school year 
  • a renewed love of learning 
  • the time and attention of a tutor dedicated to ensuring that child’s academic success
The Impact of Your Gift
This year, Send Relief partners in Oklahoma were able to host an after-school tutoring program focused on educational mentoring and spiritual investment for vulnerable children. After kicking the summer school off with a splash pad and snow cone extravaganza, tutors went hard to work setting learning goals and building relationships with their new mentees. As a result of this specialized program, several students accepted Christ and started their new school years with the hope that only the gospel can provide!